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Tips to Reduce Dental Anxiety in Children

As parents, you have probably faced resistance from your children when going to the dentist. Rest assured, this is a common problem experienced by most parents. Dental anxiety in children can result in the potential of having poor oral health. There are certain habits that you can instill in them from an early age to avoid this. At Integrity Dental, we provide professional dental care to our patients of all ages. Our dental services include hygiene services, fillings, sedation, porcelain veneers, crowns and bridges, whitening, Bioclear, and Invisalign.


Four Ways to Ease Dental Anxiety in Children


Here are some suggestions to help reduce dental anxiety in your children:


1.      Take them to the dentist from an early age


The younger your children are when you start taking them to the dentist, the better it will be for future visits. It is recommended that you take your child to a dentist as soon as their milk teeth start to show. It is important to observe your child’s oral health early on to decrease the chance of dental problems as they get older. Inculcating the habit of visiting the dentist will make your children more accustomed to the routine, and they won’t be anxious to attend their dentist’s appointment.


2.      Instill good dental habits in your children


Ensure that you teach your children to brush their teeth twice daily from an early age. Good hygiene habits will keep their teeth healthy and strong in the long run. Talk to them about the importance of maintaining a proper dental regimen and the benefits of incorporating a routine. The more aware they are, the less afraid they will be. It is the uncertainty that makes them fearful; once you deal with that, they should be comfortable with going to the dentist.


3.      Talk to them before taking them to the dentist


Before taking your children to the dentist, talk to them about what might happen during the appointment. Paint a picture of the possible circumstances they might have to face. Remind them that they are in a safe place. If they know what to expect, they’ll be more confident when they get there.


4.      Choose a family dentist


It is essential to select a dentist your child is comfortable with. Sometimes that is all it takes to ease your child’s dental anxiety. Children need someone who can make them feel safe. Take some time to research about dental clinics that offer family dentistry in your area and choose the one that you deem the most suitable for your children’s needs.


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