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Dental Fillings in Lethbridge

At Integrity Dental, our dentists encourage patients of all ages in Lethbridge to use dental fillings to protect their teeth from cavities and decay. They are a plastic material applied to the fissured or chewing surfaces of the back teeth. Fillings are generally used in areas that are difficult to brush and keep clean and in areas which allow food and bacteria to collect, resulting in cavities. While children are at a higher risk of developing cavities, adults can also get fillings and protect their teeth from decay.


The filling material seals the teeth, flowing into the pits and fissures, providing a barrier to guard against plaque invasion. The process of applying fillings does not involve freezing and helps in saving time and money by preventing the need for more invasive treatment at a later date.


Before fillings: The deep grooves that are found in molars act as a food trap. Most of all the cavities occur in these narrow pits and in the grooves of newly erupted teeth.

The process: Your teeth are sandblasted with state-of-the-art equipment in order to remove any plaque on them. We then apply Bioclear fillings. The dental composite is wrapped around your tooth using special plastic matrices.

After fillings: Fillings on the teeth protect the surface of your teeth from decay. They can be white or clear.


Give us a call today for more information on dental fillings in Lethbridge.

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