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About Us

Reliable Dental Clinic Lethbridge

Located in downtown Lethbridge, Integrity Dental has highly experienced and trained dentists and staff to serve patients of all ages in Southern Alberta. We prioritize patient education so that you can feel confident when proceeding with dental procedures.

Dental treatments may cause anxiety for some patients. At Integrity Dental, you can trust us to provide compassionate family dental care services. Our dentists emphasize that maintaining good oral health is paramount in avoiding potential gum disease and tooth decay. Whether you want routine dental care for your family or you need comprehensive dental services in Lethbridge, call Integrity Dental to schedule an appointment today!

When You Take Care of Things, They Last!

This is also true for your teeth. If you want your teeth to last the long haul without giving you any major problems, it is important that you care for them. Consider visiting our dental clinic in Lethbridge for regular cleanings and comprehensive dental exams that can help you identify dental problems at an early stage, thereby reducing the need for any potential dental procedures in the future.


Our renowned family dentist, Dr. Richard Jahn, offers general dentistry services and has a specialized interest in extractions, Invisalign®, and Bioclear procedures. Dr. Elke focuses more on crown and bridgework as well as restorative dentistry. Call our office today!


Expert Dental Care by an Experienced Team

Providing our patients with optimal dental care is our goal, and that is why Integrity Dental offers modern solutions to all our patients. Our team prides itself on providing an exceptional level of care and creating relationships with our patients at their dental appointment. From the latest electric toothbrushes to water flossers, we introduce our patients to novel products to ensure they stay up-to-date with the new and innovative ways of maintaining good dental hygiene.


Optimize Oral Health With General Dentistry

Regular dental checkups and cleaning are important if you want to minimize any serious oral health concerns. When you schedule a hygiene appointment with Integrity Dental, we will ensure your teeth and gums are at their best, and if any dental treatment is needed, you can rely on our general dentistry services to optimize your oral health and hygiene.


Integrity Dental is equipped to provide:

Cleaning and Prevention
Get your teeth and jaw a digital X-Ray for preventive dentistry, periodontal cleaning and oral cancer screening.

Hygiene Services
Count on our registered dental hygienists to restore your oral hygiene.

Protect your teeth from cavities with our state-of-art filling services.

Forget your anxiety about dental treatment with our Conscious Sedation Dentistry services.


Get the Smile You Want With Cosmetic Dentistry

Integrity Dental is not just here for you when you need regular checkups or when you are in pain. You can also depend on us for cosmetic dental treatment to help you achieve your personal goals for that beautiful smile. Book an appointment with us if you are looking to enhance your smile.

At Integrity Dental, you can get:

Porcelain Veneers and Bioclear Method
Get rid of chipped or uneven teeth with our non-invasive and advanced cosmetic treatment options to revitalize your smile.

Dental Crowns and Bridges
Try our custom-made components that serve both functional as well as esthetic purposes. Our focus is on tooth structure conservation, even when crowns or bridges are necessary to restore, form, function, and esthetics.

Teeth Whitening
At-home teeth whitening kits that help you get your sparkling smile back by removing stains and discolorations.

Straighten your teeth invisibly without the brackets or wires that change your appearance.

For the attractive smile that you have always dreamt about.

Comprehensive Dental Solutions

At Integrity Dental, we are equipped to take care of all your dental needs in the most personalized atmosphere. Our experienced staff have the skills and training to administer the dental procedures efficiently, ensuring the patients' comfort. Whether you need restorative dental procedures, root canals, inlays, onlays, fillings, dentures or bridges, we can provide you with all kinds of dental treatments with expertise. You can also drop by for a thorough dental check-up to identify and diagnose even the minutest dental problems.


Whether you have a long pending dental issue or tooth loss due to a sudden accident, our facility is equipped with advanced tools and dental equipment to diagnose and fix all kinds of dental problems. At Integrity Dental, we are committed to enhancing your smile beautifully with our cosmetic dentistry procedures.


Schedule an Appointment

When you come to Integrity Dental, we assure you of stellar results. We are a value-driven dental clinic committed to providing every patient with complete care and attention. Over the years of serving clients across Lethbridge, we have created a notable name for our services. We can also provide you with an appointment on the same day in case of a dental emergency. Call us to book an appointment today!

Your Preferred Dental Clinic in Lethbridge

Integrity Dental is your preferred dental clinic in Lethbridge, where you can avail of complete dental care services in a personalized environment.

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