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Hygiene Services

Expert Dental Hygienist in Lethbridge

A healthy dental routine should include caring for your teeth at home and regularly visiting a dental hygienist for cleanings. Only brushing and flossing cannot eliminate the plaque build-up that forms deep between your teeth and around your gums.


At Integrity Dental, our dental hygienists in Lethbridge will help you remove this plaque using appropriate tools to brighten your smile further. We are a team of reliable dentists serving the residents of Lethbridge and surrounding areas. We believe in educating our patients about their oral health services. Don't let any damage befall your beautiful smile. Contact us today.

Who Are Dental Hygienists?

Dental hygienists are members of a dental team who perform various procedures to help you maintain good oral health. They focus on preventing and treating oral illnesses. They carry out dental cleanings, dental examinations, polishing, and more. In addition to that, they help patients by educating them about proper dental care practices.

Our registered dental hygienists in Lethbridge can provide numerous services to meet your needs. Please contact us to make an appointment today. Alternatively, you can access our blog for more information about dental care.

Our Dental Hygiene Services

Our dental hygienists are ready to offer you a wide range of oral health care services such as:

Tooth scaling and root planing

 Involves the removal of calculus deposits and smoothening of exposed root surfaces

Managing local sedation

 For dental hygiene or dental treatment

Soft tissue laser therapy

 Treats and removes overgrown tissue, reshapes improper gums, and whitens teeth

Patient education

 Counselling patients about personalized ways to maintain appropriate oral health


Importance of Professional Dental Cleaning

People only tend to visit the dentist when they experience discomfort or pain. However, seeing your dentist shouldn’t only be an emergency visit and a timely, regular one. While regular flossing and brushing your teeth are good habits, there are still some benefits you can only get through consulting a professional dentist. Some of these include:


Prevention of oral health problems

Regular consultation with the dentist prevents any serious oral health problems from occurring. It prevents gum disease, tooth decay, or other oral health diseases.


Maintains a brighter smile

Accumulation of plaque and tartar can cause discolouration to your teeth over time. Regular cleaning with your dental hygienist prevents these from happening and helps maintain a whiter, brighter, and healthier smile.


Keeps a fresh breath

You don’t want bacteria to build up in your mouth and cause hygiene problems. Professional dental cleaning prevents this and maintains your oral health and fresh breath.


Saves money

Timely and routine exams and x-rays save you from any unknown serious dental issues over time. Investing in routine checkups is better than spending a lot on any serious emergency treatment that may arise later.


Contact our dental professionals today and book an appointment.


What to Expect During a Dental Cleaning Procedure?


Dental cleanings are a 60-90 minute procedure that helps prevent gum disease and takes care of your overall oral health. When you’ve come in for a dental cleaning procedure, you can expect our dental hygienists to:


Teeth and gum examination

Before starting the procedure, your hygienist needs to know what they must work on. The hygienist uses mirrors and dental tools to examine the mouth's health.



A scaler is a small, hooked tool that the dentist uses to clean the plaque and tartar that gets accumulated over time. It is a cleaning tool used to clean off large plaque deposits.



Polishing is done to give the teeth a shiny effect. Polishing with flossing is done to ensure no stains or remains of calculus. This is the final step of the dental cleaning process.


Why Rely On Our Dental Hygienists?

Our registered hygienists are trained with years of experience to provide dental hygiene treatment to patients of all ages. Integrity Dental continually prioritizes our patients to have a routine annual dental check-up, which includes an exam, x-rays, and a cleaning appointment every six months. Our main motto is to provide comprehensive oral health services to all our patients. Need more reasons to trust us? Read reviews from our patients.

Gum health is whole-body health. Learn more .


Contact Our Dental Hygienist in Lethbridge

Our dental hygienists in Lethbridge are always welcoming new clients. Whether you want us to conduct a routine dental examination or need a professional cleaning, we can help. We use the latest technology to provide quick and effective dental solutions. Our treatments are personalized around your oral history and unique dental requirements. Our clinic offers a warm and welcoming environment, empowering you to share your concerns. Our team is always forthcoming with information.

Please contact us if you'd like to make an appointment with our dental hygienist in Lethbridge. Besides this, we can provide you with various cosmetic dentistry solutions.

Helping You Smile Brighter

Our dental hygienist in Lethbridge can provide numerous services to keep your smile looking its best.

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