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How We Keep Patients and Our Health Workers Safe During COVID-19

Dental Clinic COVID-19

You're due for dental work, but is it safe to go to the dentist? With COVID-19 cases increasing, you may feel hesitant to come to our practice.


It can be anxiety-provoking to go anywhere in a pandemic, but Integrity Dental in Lethbridge has adopted new industry standards to make our sanitation and customer experience better than ever before.


We'll walk you through the steps we're taking to ensure your safety and protect your smile.


Read on to alleviate your stress!


1. Air Purification

We have invested in air purifiers that remove everything from mould to COVID-19. These filters stop harmful contaminants from spreading throughout our building. You will see the air purifiers located in the operating rooms.


This means that even if someone who tested positive came into the facility, our system will protect you from inhaling any dangerous particles in the air. Our filters create barriers and stop the spread. Used in conjunction with our masks and other safety measures, safe visits are possible.


2. Screening Process

Before you come into our dental clinic, we'll call and ask you if you've experienced one or more of the common COVID-19 symptoms. Additionally, your temperature will be taken upon arrival at the building to ensure that you're not running a fever. We also have a COVID-19 consent form that you will be required to complete.


If you feel under the weather or ill in any way, please reschedule your appointment and consider getting a COVID test. We are so thankful for your honesty and commitment to the future health of our clinic and other patients.


3. Waiting Room/ Toy Room

You will notice our waiting room has changed. We have spaced out our furniture to 6 feet apart, as well as removed our magazines, and the toy room for children is currently closed. We offer complimentary bottled water as we do not have a water cooler in the waiting room anymore.


4. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

All staff is equipped with PPE that is changed between each patient. This ensures our mutual safety. Don't be surprised when you see our dentists and technicians wearing masks, shields, gloves, and gowns.


Along with PPE, our staff sanitizes and changes our dental equipment for each visit. Our team expertly controls the spread of infection every single day. Our job has always required an extremely high standard of a sterile environment when working on dental procedures.


Get Your Smile Ready at Integrity Dental in Lethbridge

We hope that this article has informed you of the many ways Integrity Dental has prepared to tackle COVID-19. From investing in superior technology to changing our waiting room systems, we continue to serve as your trusted dentist.

Contact our dental clinic in Lethbridge if you have any pain or problems that have plagued you recently. Read our blogs if you want tips on how to maintain dental health even if you can't come into our practice at this time.



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