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BOTOX® Procedures in Lethbridge

For years, dentistry was only concerned with the health of your teeth. Many patients were unsatisfied with the overall appearance of their smile. Fortunately, with Botox®/Dysport® dental procedures, patients can achieve healthy and attractive smiles. At Integrity Dental in Lethbridge, we offer Botox®/Dysport® procedures for cosmetic purposes based on our patient’s specific requirements. We’ll help you feel and look your best. Learn more about the procedure on this page.


Benefits of Botox®/Dysport®

Botox is a protein derived from a naturally occurring bacterium called clostridium botulinum that’s given in small doses that lasts temporarily. Some of the benefits of Botox treatments are:

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How Will Botox®/Dysport® Help You

Botox® is a reliable, painless and non-surgical way to improve your smile and overall dental health. We would recommend you to consider Botox®/Dysport® from us in Lethbridge if you are dealing with the following issues:

Integrity Dental in Lethbridge offers Botox® and other comprehensive cosmetic dental treatments to help optimize your oral health! Call us now to speak with our skilled and experienced staff!


Frequently Asked Questions on Botox®/Dysport®

Check out the answers to some commonly asked questions about Botox®/Dysport®:

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