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The Importance of Choosing the Right Family Dentist

Taking care of your oral health is more than just flossing and brushing daily. A good dentist can provide you with a professional dental cleaning and also diagnose any issues in your mouth. It is essential to make regular visits to your reliable family dentist in Lethbridge to maintain excellent oral hygiene for you and your family.


Keeping your loved one’s teeth clean, healthy and strong not only allows them to smile beautifully but can also aid in minimizing the chances of infections, heart disease, and even cancer.


Why Do You Need a Family Dentist?

Your family typically consists of members of various ages, meaning that a well-trained family dentist will be capable to address their unique needs. They will know you and your family personally, and will understand your dental issues intimately. They will also remind you of necessary dental appointments and follow-ups after any treatments.

As per the Canadian Dental Association, 2.26 million school days and 4.15 million working days are lost annually due to dental sick days. Having a family dentist enables you to schedule appointments for your family members on the same day. This can help save you precious time and make your life simpler.

The best advantage is that you can consult your family dentist whenever you have questions or doubts. They can also offer you many important health services such as crowns, fillings, whitening, extraction, etc.

Our family dentists in Lethbridge can give you a sense of familiarity whenever you visit. They are known for providing consistent and quality services during every appointment.


Tips for Finding the Right Family Dentist

A good family dentist is a jack of all trades. They are your best bet unless you want to make multiple visits to various professionals. They are one of the few who will care for your family’s dental needs throughout the various stages of their lives.


Here are a few factors to consider when finding the right family dentist:

Reputation and experience - Reputation and experience are the most important factors when looking for a top-notch family dentist. A quality dentist will have a long-standing reputation, great experience and plenty of happy patients.

Ensure that your dentist is a member of the Canadian Dental Association and knows how to deal with fussy children. Take time to read online reviews and testimonials. They can furnish you with the context needed to be confident in your decision. You may also ask friends and family members for referrals.

Convenience - Is the dental clinic in a convenient location? Are the dentists available for emergencies? What are their working hours? Do you prefer a dental office near your children’s school or near your home?

Know your wants and needs before choosing a family dentist. If your dental office isn’t easily accessible from your home, you are less likely to schedule visits.

Dental health coverage - You may want to consider another practice if the dental clinic isn’t in your network. Oral hygiene procedures can be a significant expense, so it’s better to choose a family dentist who accepts your insurance.

At Integrity Dental, our administration team can help you coordinate your insurance. We can also aid you to take advantage of your dental plan and payment arrangements.

Services offered - It’s important to choose a dentist who offers the types of services you are looking for.

A professional tooth cleaning is important, but your family dentist should also provide a broad range of other services from general dentistry to orthodontics to dental crowns and bridges. This will ensure that your family gets the appropriate dental care they need under the same roof.

Atmosphere and culture of the clinic - What’s the clinic like? Is the staff friendly and professional? Are the office and the waiting room comfortable?

The culture and atmosphere of the dental office are very important while choosing a family dentist. The ambience of the clinic should be fit for everyone: kids, teens, adults, and even the elderly.

If you and your family feel comfortable with the ambience, you will be less likely to skip or miss dental appointments.


See a Family Dentist in Lethbridge Today

As a dental clinic in Lethbridge, Integrity Dental provides family dental services to clients who have been regulars for years. Our family dentists have served patients throughout Lethbridge and surrounding areas, and have helped countless people maintain their oral health.

Contact us over the phone or online today to schedule an appointment. We are happy to tell you more about our practice and assist you.


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