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Dental Treatment Guide: Toothache Causes and Pain Relief Tips

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Tooth pain is considered as some of the worst pain that a person can experience. This is primarily due to the close proximity your teeth have to multiple different nerve endings.


But does tooth pain always signify a serious problem?


No, but that doesn't mean that you shouldn't seek proper dental treatment when tooth pain pops up. It's better to be safe than sorry! You only get one set of teeth, after all.


Are you dealing with a toothache now? Or maybe you want some more information for the future? Keep reading on for more about toothaches, their causes, and home remedies.


What Causes a Toothache?

First, it's important to know what can cause a toothache so you can narrow down possible causes.


One of the more common causes of tooth pain is tooth decay. Tooth decay happens naturally over time but can also be accelerated by multiple factors.


Tooth decay is mostly preventable and is usually caused by bad dietary choices, especially sugar.


Your gums can also be a culprit in your tooth pain. Infected gums are a sign of gingivitis, and while it is not related to a tooth directly, your gum issues can cause terrible toothaches if left untreated.


Another more obvious cause of your tooth pain is having a tooth fracture. Biting down on something hard or getting hit in the jaw can easily cause a tooth to break. This is an easier cause to diagnose, but it can still cause severe pain.


Should You Seek Dental Treatment?

Tooth pain should never be taken lightly, even if you do suspect a cause. However, we will give you a few pain relief tips for some immediate help.


Removing any plaque or food from the affected tooth should be your first attempt to remedy your tooth pain.


Sometimes food can get stuck between your teeth and can cause some terrible tooth pain. In this case, gently floss around the affected tooth.


If that does not work, try rinsing your mouth out with salt water and applying a cold compress to your cheek. This won't be a permanent solution, but it should help to mitigate the pain.


If you still are experiencing tooth pain after another day or two, then you should probably consider some dental services from us here at Integrity Dental.


If your toothache pain is unbearable, you should probably skip the home remedies and make an appointment immediately.


Don't Take Your Toothache to the Chin

Regardless of whether the cause of your toothache is severe or not, ignoring the pain is ill-advised.


Need to make an appointment with us? Head over to our contact page and fill out the form. We will make sure to provide you with the best service in the area!



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