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Improving Your Smile With Bioclear – Benefits and Uses

Dental issues such as chipped teeth, gaps between teeth, crooked teeth and discoloured teeth can make you feel uncomfortable when you smile. Dental services such as cosmetic dentistry offer solutions for all your dental problems to help you get the smile of your dreams. Bioclear is a minimally invasive and affordable method to enhance your smile. Count onIntegrity Dental to fix multiple dental issues with Bioclear. Dr. Jahn has the necessary experience and equipment to handle all your dental needs with ease and efficiency.


How Bioclear Can Help Improve Your Smile

Bioclear is a new and minimally invasive dental restoration technique. It is an effective substitute for porcelain veneers. Bioclear is not dental bonding. Dental bonding usually does not look natural and stains easily over time. Bioclear uses a clear matrix and composite to form a natural tooth shape and adheres to the tooth securely. For porcelain veneers, you require two or more visits to correct the colour and shape of your teeth. Bioclear method can be completed in a single appointment and can last as long as well bonded veneers. Additionally, Bioclear can also be used to correct:

  • Chipped teeth

  • Gaps between teeth

  • Crooked teeth

  • Discoloured teeth

  • Small teeth

  • Dark spaces between teeth (black triangles)

  • Worn teeth

  • Decayed teeth

In the Bioclear method, a dental composite is colour matched to your teeth and wrapped around a tooth. Clear plastic matrices are placed around the teeth, and the warm composite is injected into the matrices that help strengthen the restoration. The composite is hardened by using a special ultraviolet light. The tooth is then shaped and polished to give you a beautiful smile.


Advantages of Using Bioclear

Some benefits of using Bioclear for your teeth are:

  • Bioclear is more durable than dental bonding with a lifespan of 10 years or more

  • There is no need to shave off a portion of tooth enamel as with porcelain veneers

  • Bioclear is less expensive than porcelain veneers

  • It is safe for your gums

  • Bioclear uses dental composite and can be easily repaired if damaged, unlike porcelain veneers. Porcelain is a strong material but prone to chipping. When porcelain chips, it can’t be repaired and has to be replaced

  • Porcelain veneers are permanent. With Bioclear, the process is reversible

  • Bonding might leave gaps and ledges at the margins leading to cavities and staining. Bioclear has great stain resistance and allows your dentist to create teeth that are stronger and beautiful

  • It is the best method to fill black triangles (small gaps in between your teeth and gumline)


Integrity Dental provides affordable Bioclear dental services in Lethbridge. We also offer cosmetic dental services such as crowns, bridges, botox and Invisalign® to improve the appearance of your teeth.


Contact us today to schedule an appointment for Bioclear treatment.




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